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This is my latest book, due out from The Wild Rose Press early next year.  It's the story of a single mother who's a family law attorney working in the domestic relations field, and a case that not only gets her on the wrong side of a powerfully-connected city councilman, but also brings her close to a handsome Pittsburgh police lieutenant, who falls pretty hard for her, too.
The cover artist really captured the look of menace I was going for--can't wait to get the edits done on this one and send it in!

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Come by Every Day Fiction and read a short story in honor of National Coming Out Day. Didn't intend for it to appear today, but how appropriate it is.

(And it's published under my own name! That hardly happens any more...  :)  )

Yes, yes, I know I haven’t posted here as often as I’d like–hopefully you’ve missed me! The good news is I’ve been doing substantial amoounts of writing-related work, which is a good thing! The latest venture is this little bit of video, a book trailer for my first published novel, The Elf Queen. A book trailer is supposed to be like a movie trailer, giving enough of the story to entice folk to come see/read my book. (and hopefully the rest of the series!)

So what did you think? Is it exciting? Suspenseful? Must you go buy the book at Amazon right now? Okay, if you must. Pssst: pass it on… :)