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At Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday  you have the chance to read snippets from works in progress, contracted works, as well as published novella and novels from a variety of authors... Check it out each Saturday!

This week I've included a snippet from the soon-to-be-released novel TRIAD, which tells the story of three women commanders who are in a battle over a certain sector of space just before all of them are attacked by an outside force of space pirates. The attack makes them take a new look at their relationships--some may become closer, and others might be pushed to the edge of assassination...

 Here's my piece for this week:

Stefan, dressed in gaudy teal jacket and slacks, piloted the vessel while Julian took the second seat, wearing a simple gray suit as befitted a male servant. Catava waited in the cabin behind them, dressed in the filmy peach-toned slave’s garb Stefan had chosen. A short fitted piece trimmed in gold barely covered her breasts, trailing a gold chain to a short skirt she kept tugging under her. She also wore thin-corded gold sandals and gold ribbons in her hair, wrapped into a psyche knot.
      Hardly abashed, he coached her briefly on the comportment of female slaves, how they didn’t speak until they were asked to, and how they were no better than animals with natural urges. “You’re expected to be hot,” he said. “A slave covets the touch of men. So in situations where you don’t know what to do, a seductive look is as good as anything.”
      She studied him a long moment. “Do you often sell women into slavery?"
      He twitched as her words hit him like an open hand.

 For more information on this and other books by Lyndi Alexander, see her website , or the Dragonfly Publishing site:

I'm sharing the new cover of my first science fiction book, TRIAD, coming out this spring from Dragonfly Publishing:

What do you think???  For an excerpt, check out the DFP page--