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All right, I am trying to be calm, but I have to admit I'm pretty thrilled. The Wild Rose Press has had one of my manuscripts for several months, a romantic suspense sort of tale about a woman who runs a brothel in southern New Mexico and the Doctor without Borders who escapes from a vengeful Mexican drug cartel by hiding in her place. How could they not fall in love??

Last night, I received from them an offer to contract the story!

As you might imagine, I accepted. :)

Stay tuned for more details as I have them, but I'm guessing this will be a 2011 e-release. Ladies and gentlemen, start your Kindles!

Today I'm guest blogging over at the web home of paranormal romance author Joan Swan. She and I were part of the fantastic Immersion Master Class in Colorado last month-- she has the first book of the Phoenix Rising series coming out in 2012 from Kensington Brava, and I've got to tell you, after she shared the pieces of writing she brought to the class, I'm going to be one of the first in line for these. With Heroes-type abilities treated as a threat by the government, these protagonists will surely find themselves in grave danger, but survive to live and love again. Stop by and check her out!

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The only excuse I have for not writing in this blog regularly is that I have been writing regularly elsewhere.

And it's true. Most importantly I have been working on The Elf Child, the sequel to this summer's The Elf Queen. Just a few days till the deadline for turning it in, and I believe in keeping my word to my publisher. But that's not all.

I received not only the contract for The Elf Child while I was away (that's the next part of the explanation--stay tuned) but also one for the third book, The Elf Mage. And THEN, I received a contract for the manuscript called Second Chances, a romantic women's fiction novel set in Pittsburgh, from Zumaya Publications. And THEN, I received an offer for my psychic vampire novel, Love Me, Touch Me, Kill Me, a NaNovel from last year, which I've now accepted.

So that's been a pretty heady run, to go from not being a novelist to having five novels in or on their way to print in five months.

In September, though, I did some different writing, at the Immersion Master Class with Margie Lawson in Colorado. I took the book of my heart, the one I've submitted all round without much success, and we started working on its next revision with Margie's expert assistance. Five days of intense workshop teaching with Margie and six other sister writers gave me a wonderful start and direction on how to polish this story into a diamond. While I was in Colorado, the picture above shows my workspace. The view? Mountains everywhere. We ate at the Dushanbe Teahouse, where I picked up some lovely chakra-stimulating zen tea, and we worked. And worked. While Captain Tom did most of the cooking and heavy lifting. (Thanks, Captain Tom!!) I highly recommend this program for anyone who's ready to take their work from "good" to "New York Times" level.

Then of course, there's the adventure of book promotion. Oh yes, my children, we all thought writing the book was the hard part! Not so, yet far otherwise. I've done two book signings, garnered half a dozen professional reviews, as well as a handful on Amazon (remember, if you read the book, you should stop by Amazon and leave a few paragraphs about it!!), done a TV interview, developed a blog exchange at the Clan Elves site to cross-promote with other writers, and now I'm settling in for the winter, wanting a few more in-person appearances to sell for Christmas gifts, but also looking for fantasy blogs and lists to join in the discussion and share the creative process.

All in all, I think this year is the tipping point; I've definitely become a writer. (E assures me I've been one for years, but somehow holding the book in your hands is much more solid.) To all of you out there looking to join me, don't give up your dream. Just keep working at it, and soon you'll find your niche too.