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This has been a busy week for me--in addition to real life intrusions, I've been working steadily on NaNo, with 22,000 words in 11 days, and I've had a blog on Savvy Authors and Lyndi's books are featured on Jerri Hine's Facebook Novel Works today!

Then I have competing blog posts today: On the irony of being a divorce lawyer writing love stories, at IcySnowBlackstone (click through to the blog page) and on how being a fantasy writer has helped me deal with our youngest, who's diagnosed with autism, sensory integration disorder and other language delays at A Splash of Scarlet. That's her proud face with her fair ribbon above!

If any or all of these interest you, I invite you to stop by!

Come see Lyndi go through her paces--and pages--at the blog of Kellie Kamryn.  today. (Don't worry, my post is white bread; you can safely click through the content warning!!) Kellie has a great romance series based on gymnastics coming out in the spring, which just goes to show what happens when you write what you know. Thanks, Kellie! And come see Kellie's post at the Clan Elves homepage, too! I admire the way she's used her painful breakup to inspire positive writing experiences.