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A mother’s work is never done...neither is a writer’s. For those of us lucky to be both, there is always something waiting on the plate. My work that’s perpetually on hold seems to be my guide for those seeking to escape domestic violence, Shine, Sweet Freedom: Personal Recovery for the Survivor of Abuse.

Victims of domestic violence have a range of issues which are not unusual for parties going through family breakups - divorce, support, custody, and the like - but their approach to them is completely different. Because of the complicated patterns into which abuse victims weave their lives in order to survive, sometimes the simplest step can seem impossible. For many of these victims, the simple act of filing a petition may endanger their lives. Many abusers threaten to harm the mother or take the children if she asks for anything.

Often these victims leave their homes in a desperate escape, taking with them only what they have at hand, or what they have been careful enough to spirit out of the house beforehand. They've been told for years that they are worthless, that they cannot take care of themselves, that they are whores, sluts and worse. They have watched their children learn from some of the worst role models in our society. Yet they may still have a hidden hope that they can step out the door to make their way in a new world.

The text is a step-by-step guided tour of the issues they are likely to confront, and answers to help them through the legal and social services systems, immigration, housing, job-seeking, and eventually recovery.

Some useful sites for people seeking information on domestic violence are Women's Rural Advocacy Programs,National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and your local domestic violence centers as well. With any luck and a little cash, this book may be available in your local bookstore soon!

It’s always great to hook up with other writers to share notes, critiques and collaborate sometimes. I’ve joined Pennwriters, Inc., which is a group for writers who live in Pennsylvania of many genres.

Thanks to all those dear friends and relatives who have read and reread my work, giving me good feedback so I can send the very best work to publishers. My work would not be what it has become without the support and assistance of my brothers and sisters of the inkwell at the Erie Wednesday night Pennwriters' critique group. They are a wonderfully-talented bunch who write in a number of formats, and I like to think we spur each other to better and better work.

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