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All right, I am trying to be calm, but I have to admit I'm pretty thrilled. The Wild Rose Press has had one of my manuscripts for several months, a romantic suspense sort of tale about a woman who runs a brothel in southern New Mexico and the Doctor without Borders who escapes from a vengeful Mexican drug cartel by hiding in her place. How could they not fall in love??

Last night, I received from them an offer to contract the story!

As you might imagine, I accepted. :)

Stay tuned for more details as I have them, but I'm guessing this will be a 2011 e-release. Ladies and gentlemen, start your Kindles!

2 comments to “Another day, another novel contract!”

  1. You're hitting your stride and it's a beautiful thing to see!

  1. Wooo Hooo. Can't wait to read it. Lynn & Jon

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