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I'm hoping to help out at Coyote Con, the First Annual 31 Day Digital Author Conference May 1-31, 2010.
This is how the creators of this unique Con describe themselves:
Those of us who read and write speculative fiction have a passion for seeing beyond the every day or around the corner. We dream of alien worlds, peoples, sciences, magic, and miracles. We imagine ghosts, monsters, and consummate lovers. We’re geeks, outsiders—strangers in a strange land. We have fun playing with possibilities. We are the home of mythic fiction in all its forms.

Our guests are authors, editors, publishers and other industry professionals who love to talk about, and be involved in, the making of books: cross-genre, historical, romance, horror, fantasy, and science fiction, and all the related media they generate.
If there is a place where discussions of humanity, inclusion, exclusion, diversity, ability, disability, othering, religion, irreligion, feminism, patriarchy, sexuality, colonialism and post-colonial ideas also belong, it is with us. We should always be able to see what’s possible.

The conference is free for writers and readers both (but registration is required!!) and provides workshops and other great content! Here are a few of the session titles:
Artificial Intelligence and Sexuality
The Book Deal and Publishing Process
Comics and Graphic Novels for Readers and Writers
Digital Lit
Fairy Tales in Fiction
Getting Your Book Reviewed
The Passive Verb Workshop
and much more! Both panel discussions on topics near and dear to spec fiction writers' hearts as well as practical down to earth how-to chats for writers of all genres. Come meet and greet your fellow writers of wonder!

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