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Have you ever been watching a tv show or a movie, and said to the person next to you, "I could write that..."

Next week the NaNoWriMo people launch their 2011 website for the spring extravaganpalooza, SCRIPT FRENZY!

Even if you don't want to write a novel in the thirty days of November (tho I'd highly recommend it, at least once), you can still join up with the leagues of writers who push themselves into a first draft during the month of April with this opportunity to prove you really could write that.

What does it take? Here's the low-down:

The Challenge Write 100 pages of original scripted material in the 30 days of April. (Screenplays, stage plays, TV shows, short films, and graphic novels are all welcome.)

When: April 1-30

Cost: Free. We run on donations.

Who: Everyone (worldwide) is welcome. No experience required.

Prizes: Happiness. Creative juices. Pride. Laughter. Bragging rights. A brand-new script.

Does it say anything about judging there? Headaches? Expensive classes and editors? No. Just the satisfaction of knowing you've taken some of those crazy ideas rocketing around in your head and let them out onto paper. Murder, greed, any of the deadly sins are great. Love? Love is good, too. Got some hostility and other issues to work out? Gentlemen, pick your characters and let em rip. It will save wear and tear on your loved ones.

The Script Frenzy people even give you tips!

How-To Guides


• Introduction to Screenwriting

• Screenplay Formatting Overview STAGE PLAYS

• Introduction to Stage plays

• Stage Play Formatting Overview


• Introduction to TV Scripts

• TV Script Formatting Overview


• Introduction to Comic Books

• Comic Book Formatting Overview

What have you got to lose?  Come on, now. What?
Yeah, that's what I thought. Start planning now and get ready to write April 1!!!

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