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One of the things an author needs to have in his or her arsenal is a good photo to send with press releases, interviews and post with notices of book releases, etc. I've been putting this off for some time, partly because of cost and partly because I HATE HATE HATE having my picture taken. :)  (That's why I'm always the one with the camera--then I'm sure I'm out of the viewer range!!)

But as more and more opportunities come along, (and more and more books, too!) it seems like an inevitable task that we need to accomplish. Yesterday, I gathered the courage to go to the studio. My lovely "Theatah" friend Pam with the fabulous shoe store AND a Mary Kay business (how does she find the time!!) did my 'glam' makeup, and sent me off to the photo session, where a lovely young woman named Jennifer cajoled me through the process. I can't wait till she gets her own studio up and running--Capturing Moments Photography seems like the perfect name to me! Thanks so much to both of you for your help and encouragement!

It wasn't too painful, and I in fact survived. I've already sent out some of the shots as accompaniments to interviews and the like. What do you think?

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  1. I have the same issue. I can't even find a good OLD picture! My answer is usually to do some photoshop "magic" and then crop all but my eyes. Ah perfection, it eludes me. You, however, have many lovely features, including incredible eyes. Love the scarf and the way it brings out that color in your eyes. Plus your terrific personality shines through, and that's what really counts!

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