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Where's Bette Davis when you need her?
The last thirty days have been quite a rollercoaster for me. I finally got the job with the county I've been angling for since about 2008, with full benefits for me and the whole family. Fantastic. My book THE ELF CHILD, second in the Clan Elves of the Bitterroot series, came out. My first romance, SECRETS IN THE SAND, was released in ebook by The Wild Rose Press. My first teaching gig in the writing field got WOW reviews from attendees at the St. David's mini-conference.

At the same time, my father's painful bone cancer finally rendered him incapable of caring for himself, and we took him into our home, with the help of Hospice, for his final days.

So much got put aside as we really took things day by day, not planning farther ahead than the next morning. Work took a back seat, and I am grateful for the court's understanding and patience. Writing was set aside, too, except for the moments when I just needed to escape to some other place to get through an hour, anywhere except real life that was all too real.

Here's hoping the "bumpy night" is over, and spring might actually arrive sometime here in the frozen Northlands, setting my fibromyalgia pain to 'low' for the season. My hyacinths are out, sharing their delightful aromas, so that's a good sign. Writing on book three, THE ELF MAGE, is proceeding again at last. Working up to the Pennwriters conference in three weeks, where I'll meet with an agent about an autism project very close to my heart. Forward, world, forward.

I'm hosting a number of my sister authors on their blog tours at the Clan Elves' site, Other Writers, Other Worlds, including Brianna Soloski, Mayra Calvani and Jessica Zellman, and making the rounds myself to celebrate my new books as well. See me at Brianna's blog, asking the question, Are You an Old Dog?

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