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Today's guest is author Kelly Moran, award-winning author of romance and children's books, who's really taken kind of a turn to the dark side as she revisits a murder case that I remember well from my younger days. What a fascinating study of a real-life mystery!! Thanks for being with us, Kelly. 

Thanks so much for having me today, Barbara! I'll give away one eBook copy of YOU NEVER HAVE TO REMEMBER THE TRUTH to a commenter.

It was one of the most sensational murder cases in U.S. history. Lawrencia "Bambi" Bembenek, a former Playboy waitress and ex-Milwaukee police officer, was arguably railroaded and convicted of murder. When all hope of proving her innocence seemed lost, she planned a daring escape from prison with her boyfriend, and together the lovers slipped into Canada under assumed names.

Now, nearly twenty years after the escape, Dominic Gugliatto wants to set the record straight.  The man who laid it all on the line tells a different tale — one of deception and betrayal. For the first time, Gugliatto speaks out about the lies and secrets long buried. That Bembenek knew more about the murder than she professed, and that the prison escape involved co-conspirators, including a retired Milwaukee police officer.  The truth is coming, told by the only man who knows it all.

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To tell you a little about me and the book, here's my Dear Reader page from the book. After reading, I'd love to answer any questions you have!

 Dear Reader,

            Awhile back I got a call from an old friend and colleague asking me some publishing questions. As I've always wanted to be a writer, and I spent the better part of ten years researching the industry, this wasn't unusual. Imagine my surprise when she tells me it's about writing a book for Dominic Gugliatto!

            I was four years old at the time of Christine Schultz's murder, five when Lawrencia Bembenek was found guilty, and thirteen when Dominic helped Lawrencia escape prison. Though I was young, I remember Wisconsin's outcry and the media blitz, and the eventual world-wide pandemonium this case created. Ergo, I was interested in talking about a book with Dominic.

            In saying that, I'm also a romance and children's book writer. I deal with fiction and happily ever afters, not dates and facts and figures. So I was reluctant, as I didn't know if I could give Dominic the book he deserved. I was also concerned about the possible emotional toll that writing a book like this might have on my family. So over dinner one night with my husband and then three-year-old twin boys, I discussed the project. Well, the twins discussed Toy Story, my husband, Darren and I discussed the book. Halfway through my spiel, my husband lifts his hand to stop me and says, "Do it." My response was somewhere along the lines of, "Huh?" He said, "Do it. It's a great opportunity and it can help your career."

            Now that really got my brain churning. It could help my writing career, open doors, and challenge me. After getting back on the phone with Dominic however, I knew this book and my agreement to write it would never solely be about my career. There were many reasons for me to do and not to do this, and one why I should-- It was the right thing to do. It's about telling his story, the one no one's ever truly heard, and giving him some closure. For weeks we met in person and over the phone. I watched this guy sitting on my couch, torn and upset even after all these years, and I saw what was inside the man behind the media craze. He's loyal, compassionate, forgiving, and strong beyond any means I can literate.

            I stayed objective, pouring over information to make sure we got this right the first time. Dominic and his family kept nearly every document, letter, and article ever written about this case. And he kept it in an old luggage case I now refer to as "The Suitcase From Hell." It took me weeks to go through all of it. Once I had the facts, I added Dominic's story. And what a story it is.

            I'm glad we became friends through this process, Dominic and I. And I honestly can say I'm a better person for having known and met him. I can only wish the same for those reading this book, but then again, I feel that's pretty much a given.


Kelly Moran

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